Togetherness in Velsen-Noord #1

Your neighbourhood!
Your idea?

Preparing and enjoying a meal with your neighbours, a cool street football tournament, chess tables, outings with the group bus, or dance and musical evenings for all ages: these are just a few of the ideas to add to Velsen-Noord’s wonderful ambiance.


Join us!

We’re sure you can come up with an idea or suggestion to add even more to Velsen-Noord’s lovely ambiance. Samen gezellig in Velsen-Noord – which roughly translates into ‘Togetherness in Velsen-Noord’ – is an initiative by the municipality of Velsen, which will collect all ideas submitted. The most popular ideas will be launched sometime later this year! So be sure to get together with your neighbours, friends or sports club to come up with some wonderful ideas about how to make our north side of the North Sea Canal an even more exciting place to be.

Suggestion box
From 6 June to 6 July, we will place our distinctive suggestion boxes at five different locations in Velsen-Noord for you to leave your ideas. Alternatively, submit your suggestions at The locations of the boxes are indicated on the back of this newsletter and are made public online.

May the best ideas win
In September 2023, each Velsen-Noord resident can vote for the project they like best.

If you have any questions or would like to know what others came up with, be sure to head out to Sportpark Rooswijk on 6 June at 7.30 pm, or attend our workshop, which is held on 18 June from 10.00 am until noon. You can also send an e-mail to

Thanks, Velsen-Noord

The municipality of Velsen receives a compensation from the government for the temporary relief it provides to refugees on a cruise ship. They intend to use this money for certain projects in Velsen-Noord which have been devised by Velsen-Noord residents and are scheduled to be carried out this or next year. The municipality reserves a budget of € 500,000 for this and will initiate a collaboration with residents and housing corporations with the objective of improving the district in the long term. <<

‘For everyone’

Gert-Jan Maas, Managing Director of the Kennemer print service and ambassador of Samen gezellig in Velsen-Noord
‘Our village comprises various groups of inhabitants, and I think it would be lovely to have a variety of options and activities at various locations for them to meet on a more regular basis. So be sure to submit your ideas and suggestions at Duinvlietstraat 98.’

‘We would like to use our Vriendenbus (group bus) for many more years to come’

As the Chairman of the Stichting Vrienden van Velsen-Noord (SVvVN), Hans Jaspers intends to make their Vriendenbus future-proof.

So: who is Hans? ‘Born and bred in Velsen-Noord, I live at the Wijkerstraatweg. For many years, I have devoted myself to all age groups in the village to improve the district. Examples include the annual village festival and our Vriendenbus: a beautiful coach that is used for school trips, outings for senior citizens and trips for district clubs. It’s perfect for connecting people, and the best thing is: the bus is available free of charge!’

What does SVvVN need the money for?‘For the future of the bus. We recently purchased a ‘new’ second-hand ‘greener’ bus, which took a considerable slice out of our reserves. We would like to use the money to refurbish it. You should also know that one fill of petrol is about 1,000 euros. So this is what we will be pitching for.’

Why should everyone participate?‘This is a unique opportunity for Velsen-Noord, because the odds of your idea being implemented are very high. Participation is easy and our village could really benefit from this. I can’t wait to see and read all of the ideas and suggestions to come in.’ <<


Kirsten Keukelaar: community connector of the municipality of Velsen
‘As the new community connector for Velsen-Noord, I am really looking forward to making – and keeping – this the beautiful, liveable and social district it is today. In this role, I function as the link between residents, entrepreneurs, organisations and the municipality. In addition, I provide a sympathetic ear and conceptual input. I have worked as a police officer for 21 years, so I have plenty of experience in these areas!’ You can reach Kirsten at <<


‘Let’s get going together in Velsen-Noord’

District Alderman Sander Smeets gemeente Velsen


Samen gezellig in Velsen-Noord rules of play

  1. The maximum amount to be shared out is €500,000.00.
  2. The money is intended for Velsen-Noord.
  3. The money is to be divided among no fewer than four initiatives.
  4. A minimum of three target groups applies (such as: children, young people, elderly people, sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, cooking enthusiasts, etc.).
  5. In principle, the fund is intended to serve as once-only (purchasing) costs, instead of structural costs spread out over various years.
  6. Initiatives are divided into small, medium and large-scale projects.
  7. Initiatives are not for private use.
  8. Initiatives must be realised in 2023/2024.
  9. The initiative must state: this initiative was made possible by contributions from the municipality of Velsen.
  10. Based on a voluntary option.
  11. Submitting ideas and suggestions and the ballot can be done both physically and digitally.
  12. The municipality assesses each initiative submitted based on safety, transparency, costs and feasibility. <<


Schedule of things to take place


6 June - 6 July: submit your idea or suggestion digitally at or physically in one of five suggestion boxes at various locations in Velsen-Noord.
6 June, 7.30 pm at the Sportpark Rooswijk and 18 June, 10.00 am until noon during our workshop at the village festival. Feel free to come by if you have any questions, or if you would like to see what others have come up with.


11-22 September: vote for your favourite idea on or using one of the five ballot boxes available at five various locations in Velsen-Noord. 11 September at 7.00 pm at Sportpark Rooswijk: view the ideas and vote!
11 september om 19.30 uur op Sportpark Rooswijk: bekijk de ideeën én stem!


27 September, 7.30 am
at Sportpark Rooswijk: the winners will be announced. Is your idea one of them?

OCTOBER ’23 - MARCH ’24:

We will execute various ideas that receive the most votes. We will keep you informed of the ideas selected and the progress.